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my heart is heavy life turns so unexpectedly there is no now between us now it’s once upon a time when smiles, laughs and hugs were enough when the story of you held hope for a happy ending the last page hadn’t been written yet or so we thought my heart is aching tears and words fall softly as memories play with ghost-like foretelling of what will never be when did time slip away and when did eyes fail to see and oh the aching grows with each scene the depth of one’s love is outstretched reminding how short our arms are, no arms could catch your heart or carry your load none but one who carried it for you so long ago none but one who holds you now within His heart sleep forever in His arms and count the stars together until I come and I will tell an unexpected story of life cherished, life re-seen of a new now that will never forget sleep forever in His love and count the stars together until I come

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