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On Graceful winds Flowing, shifting, falling Cascading shadows On Landscape faces Ever changing arrays Slowly fading colors turning the seasons Majestic wrap-around expanse Every bend, every cloud Every breath An overwhelming offering of beauty To the artist - the sculptor of this land He molds mountain curves with Potter’s hands He chisels paths in the valley With streams of living water Footprints among stones, leading 

Echoes linger between cliffs and clouds His breath moves the wind and waves A skillful master at His canvas He spreads color across the sky Intricacies of a masters brush Open eyes to the heaven in wonder Illuminating a resting place beneath such majestic powers A resting place for the living A resting place for His heart He fashions hearts of His children He transfixes with the wonders of creation for the sake of beauty His smile warms with sun-kissed affection Drawing near into deep communion 

I am safe in these hands Willing to traverse to the remote Willing to find hidden solitude My soul is satisfied in His song of creation A Humbled heart beat of peace His graceful winds Flowing, shifting, falling Cascading shadows His Landscape reveals Ever changing arrays Slowly fading colors 

His turning the seasons 

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